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Month: February 2012

February 2012

Mr. Nice Guy

“No one wants a nice divorce lawyer,” I read in our local newspaper last week. It brought be back to 1983. “Gee whiz. I didn’t think lawyers cried,” my uncle said. I had just wept while giving the eulogy at my Dad’s funeral, less than a month after his cancer diagnosis.  I was 28 years old and three months into my law career. 30 years later, I see misconceptions about lawyers persist. When going through a divorce, it feels as though your entire life is at stake. You can’t afford to worry that your legal advocate is weak, emotional, or
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A House Divided

I put my “marital residence” on the market upon filing for divorce.  It sat there for months without a bright red SOLD sign on it.   I tidied the entire house for numerous showings, which I can assure you with two small children is no slight feat.  I received multiple offers on the property – all of which I was financially unable to accept.  My daughters and I have perpetually been uncertain about where we would be living in the next 60 days.   All while going through a divorce.  With the decline in the housing market and the depressed economy, we
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Heart Day

(Audible groan).  I am not a big fan.  Every since Danny Carlson didn’t confess his undying love to me in his valentine in 5th grade, Valentine’s Day has always measured up as a disappointment. Valentine’s Day during a divorce is particularly tough.  It is different from getting through Christmas morning without your kids or getting through Thanksgiving without all of the secretly loved chaos of extended family being around the table.  Valentine’s Day is a pronounced reminder of the heartache you feel.  Valentine’s Day is primarily about what I will dub Expectation Management hereinafter referred to as “EM.”  (I have
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Sick of Divorce

Demi Moore recently made headlines after a being hospitalized just two months following a separation from her husband. The star I once admired doing chin ups as the brave soldier in GI Jane grew hauntingly thinner in recent months. Concerns of friends accelerated to a panicked 911 call. Exhaustion and divorce can go hand in hand.  So can a relapse of addictions in all forms.  Drugs. Sex. Food. Gambling. Alcohol. Shopping. Work. The familiarity of Moore’s photo shocked me. I recognized the gaunt face and skeleton-like arms. I had seen this image before from across my law office desk. It
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