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Month: February 2016

February 2016

Trek Up the Tower

I was sweating. I clung to the handrail, lugging each leg up the next step. My head down, my chest heaving as I struggled to breathe, I heard someone shout “Only 7 more flights!” I wanted to cry. In the midst of an exuberant office holiday party I had I declared “I’m in” with more enthusiasm than thoughtful consideration when our paralegal Wendi invited me to trek up the tower. Saying yes without asking a single question was my first mistake. I thought I was signing up to climb 27 flights of stairs. I neglected to notice that the tallest
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Fully Flushed

Do you seek the feeling of pure, unadulterated accomplishment?  I discovered the secret a weekend or so ago and here is the step-by-step guide: 1. Have a broken toilet that will not flush. 2. Google and watch approximately five videos of guys in garages telling you how you can fix anything (you can do it!). 3. Take a trip to Home Depot to acquire $4 parts. 4. Put hand in disgusting back end of toilet for the first time in your life and remove and reinstall brand new shiny red flapper thing. 5. Flush toilet. 6. Start fist pumping and
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Enthusiastic Expectations

I had felt safe in the expectation that the reservation he made at our favorite Indian restaurant in the Old Market signaled a sweet night ahead. Sitting opposite one another in the booth, a small candle flittered as we beamed at one another across the linen table cloth. He reached to retrieve a small rectangular gold box with an extraordinarily elegant matching bow and placed it in front of me. My heart leapt at the sight of it. I love beautifully wrapped packages, and this was exceptional. Given its shape and size, I suspected a bracelet. I desperately tried to
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Angel Oak

We crossed over cobblestone sidewalks on King Street, arm in arm, with warm chocolate covered praline samples melting in our mouths.  We toasted our near thirty years of friendship over dinners of seafood, grits, and fried green tomatoes. We marveled at Rainbow Row and smooshed up against each other in a horse drawn carriage traveling through the historic streets of Charleston.  We shopped through the city market and found necklaces depicting the South Carolina Angel Oak that we soon thereafter adopted as a symbol of our friendship and bought for treasured twin tokens. Traci and I hadn’t seen each other
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