How to Reduce Mom Guilt During a Divorce

There’s no doubt that divorce takes a lot of time and energy out of a Mom — energy you’d rather be spending on your children.  Feeling powerless to find the extra time to devote to your children during a very stressful time in your life and theirs can lead to “mom guilt,” a condition that does nobody any good. 

Here are some thoughts on ways you can banish the dreaded mom guilt as you cope with divorce:

Set aside some special time just for you and the kids.  Did you used to have a date night with your ex?  Why not turn that into date night with your kids?  Even if you just make sure you have dinner together every night, you and your kids need to know that there is time set aside for making new traditions.

Be a little more flexible with screen time now.  During this difficult time of divorce transitions, it’s okay for you to ease up a bit on screen time restrictions for your children.  Remember that screen time can actually be productive if you curate a playlist for them that is both educational and entertaining.  This can include documentaries on nature or people, or you can download some educational apps on your computer or tablet. 

Get moving.  When you move, you feel better, and those endorphins can provide a welcome rush when you’re going through a divorce!  Use your time with your kids to do something active, indoors or outside — walk the dog together, go bowling, or play in the park.  Getting some exercise will help even out everyone’s stress levels, and can be a great way to reconnect with your kids daily.

Get support.  Lots of moms just like you have gone or are going through a divorce and are facing the same challenges that you are.  You can find a support group online or in your community, or just spend time with friends that have already walked the path you’re on. 

Don’t be too hard on yourself.  Give yourself permission to feel your feelings.  You are not always going to feel good, and that’s okay.  Your children need to see that you can have difficult feelings and still get over them — it’s a great way to teach your kids resilience.

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