Kaitlyn McClincy


Kaitlyn McClincy Receptionist

Kaitlyn is the first friendly face you see when you walk through the doors of Koenig|Dunne.  Helping people feel the relief of a comforting welcome is Kaitlyn’s forte.

“I think about how it must feel. It’s just a normal day for you or me, but for the person arriving at a law office—perhaps for the first time in their life—it is anything but.  I want people to know they are in good hands.”

Kaitlyn is also the kind voice providing you support on the phone.  When you relay a message or entrust your sensitive information to her, you can rest assured she’ll listen attentively and follow through.

While Kaitlyn is front and center at Koenig|Dunne, she is both behind the scenes and in the scenes of theater as an award winning director, actor, and playwright.  Kaitlyn holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from Pennsylvania State University.  She is currently working on a comedy in which two unsuspecting travelers find themselves in unforeseen danger. No doubt the characters would benefit from some of Kaitlyn’s calming reassurance and ever ready helpfulness.