Kelsey Jackson



Kelsey Jackson is a family law paralegal.  Kelsey knew growing up that she wanted to work in the legal field. She saw first-hand how the legal system impacted people she cared about for the good or bad. From there she knew she wanted to be the one to make a positive impact on people’s lives.

As a paralegal, Kelsey knows her clients are coming to her at a highly emotional time. Ensuring clients that they are not alone and that she and their divorce team are standing beside them is something she truly values. Kelsey has been a family law paralegal for 5 years and ensures each case has all the details covered. She knows that each family is unique and is ready to empower each one to a better future. Personal experiences help Kelsey understand the intricate details of a case as well as understand the emotions that arise.

When asked why she was drawn to Koenig|Dunne she said “…seeing them involved in the community. I recall seeing them at Pride in 2021, and that really said to me that here is a business in South Omaha, that doesn’t just say they are involved, but seeing them actually involved really stood out to me”. She knew then that the firm’s values aligned with her own.

When not working on the details of each case and empowering clients, Kelsey is coaching gymnastics at Sokol South Omaha or chasing after her two kids!