Lisa Kritenbrink



Lisa Kritenbrink is a seasoned paralegal with a passion for family law. For over 23 years she has dedicated herself to supporting families and can’t imagine doing anything else.

Throughout her career, she worked in various practice areas, gaining valuable experience in bankruptcy, estate planning, civil litigation, and real estate matters. However, it was family law that truly captured her life’s intention to support others. Lisa enjoys the complexities of  working with asset spreadsheets striving toward an equitable distribution.

Client care is at the core of Lisa’s approach as a paralegal. She firmly believes that building strong relationships with our clients fosters trust and loyalty. It brings her immense satisfaction to know that our clients not only receive top-notch legal assistance but also feel genuinely cared for through their case.

She says about working at Koenig|Dunne “Being part of a team that proactively addresses issues and promotes a supportive environment for my co-workers and our clients is truly rewarding.”

When not diligently assisting clients and supporting your legal team you can find Lisa indulging in her hobbies. She loves going on walks with her dog, spending quality time with family, attending concerts, and exploring new dining experiences.