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Michael brings over 12 years of experience to his divorce and family law practice. When you need someone who is comfortable in a courtroom, you need Michael.  He has litigation experience as a prosecutor, in criminal defense, personal injury, civil litigation, appeals, juvenile court, and in guardianships/conservatorships. 

However, his passion is for serving clients in divorce and family law. When asked why, Michael said he “likes guiding people through the process in plain English, so that they know what their options are, what potential outcomes are, and what choices they have to consider along the way”. He understands that the legal process can be a mystery to people outside the legal field and takes pride in helping families navigate it.

As such, Michael is a leader of our litigation team and he demonstrates our law firm’s promise to ensure that every client feels seen and heard.  We admire Michael for his ability to spell out the details of the client’s case in such a way that empowers clients to make the best educated decision for their family.

Michael grew up in Bellevue, Nebraska and received his J.D. from Creighton School of Law. He is a published author in The Nebraska Lawyer for articles ranging from How to Deal with Student Loan Debt in Divorce to Protecting the Rights of Creatives: An Introduction to Common Issues Facing Content Creators.

When he is not in the courtroom, Michael can be found pursuing a variety of creative endeavors – From writing TV pilot screenplays, dabbling in photography, riding his road bike, or sharpening his Scrabble skills.

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Curriculum Vitae


The Nebraska Lawyer: The Basics of Mental Health Alimony in Divorce by Michael Brewer

The Nebraska Lawyer: Dealing with Student Loans in a Divorce by Michael Brewer

The Nebraska Lawyer: Protecting the Rights of Creatives: An Introduction to Common Issues Facing Content Creators by Michael Brewer and Jason R. Thomas