Christi Leupold

Firm Administrator

When it comes to living the firm’s values of excellence and support Christi Leupold shines.

Christi is the firm’s legal administrator. She supports your entire team with daily operations so that she can focus on what’s most important to you. From orienting new team members to creating agendas for team meetings, Christi keeps us moving forward with our mission.

Christi ensures our firm’s social media presence is a constant contribution. She updates our followers on our latest blogs: Doing Divorce, Money Matters, and Divorce Made Simple. She posts inspirational messages and informative articles to help navigate the legal process. She cheers on the firm’s successes so that others can celebrate, too.

An Omaha native, Christi chose to make her career at Koenig|Dunne. She has advanced through roles with us that bring an ever increasing benefit to the firm and our clients. Christi previously served on the board of the Omaha Legal Professionals Association (OLPA). She was named OLPA’s Legal Professional of the Year in 2015, a recognition of her shining excellence and support that we enjoy each day.