Our bankruptcy team at Koenig|Dunne is here to empower you on your path forward when you or your business is financially distressed.  We will support you through this difficult time by crafting a personal and hands-on solution to address your specific debt problems. Taking the approach that each situation is unique, we will focus on your ultimate goals and concerns from the onset of your representation.

Bankruptcy may be the best and only option available to provide you the debt relief you are seeking. Our bankruptcy attorneys have the technical skills and knowledge to be able to quickly move forward with filing bankruptcy, so you can receive the immediate debt relief you need.

Bankruptcy Options

Debt Relief Options

Bankruptcy is not the only method of managing your debt. Other debt relief options have the advantage of providing varying degrees of debt relief, so you can acquire some financial “breathing room” in order to get your life back on track. These options include:

  1. Workout plans
  2. Debt negotiation and settlement

These alternatives can be used to allow you to avoid the negative side effects of declaring bankruptcy. Advantages of using these tools include keeping your credit rating and your non-exempt assets or more easily re-establishing a damaged credit rating through non-bankruptcy proceedings.