Bankruptcy and Divorce

For many individuals, the life-altering events of bankruptcy and divorce will be forever linked. Whether financial challenges after a divorce led to bankruptcy or the extreme stress that can accompany monetary difficulties put too much strain on a marriage, it is common to have both issues in your life.

At Koenig Dunne, we empower clients on their path forward through filing for bankruptcy when life changes in big ways. Many of our clients have struggled through divorce, facing familial troubles stemming from their financial woes.

You may be wondering when the best time to file your bankruptcy is. You may be going through an amicable divorce and decided to file along with your spouse before the divorce is final. If, however, you’d prefer to file by yourself that may also be a viable option for handling your debts. There are instances where a bankruptcy can be used to address future issues with domestic support obligations or property settlement agreements.

To discover how a bankruptcy can benefit you before, during or after a divorce, schedule a consultation with one of our bankruptcy attorneys. At Koenig Dunne, we are here to help you obtain a better financial future.