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International Divorce & Custody Issues

While divorce is a challenging process, international issues will increase the complexity. For couples who are from or reside in different countries or who own real estate or offshore accounts abroad, seeking counsel from an experienced legal team is essential.

International Property

If you own offshore accounts or real property abroad, the identification, valuation, and division of such property is more complex and requires an experienced and sophisticated attorney to ensure there is an equitable division of the marital estate and that the property division is enforceable.

International Custody Issues

All issues involving custody disputes are emotionally taxing.  However, the stakes are even higher for international custody issues, including removal of children to another country or international child abductions.

If your divorce or custody case involves either ownership of international property or an international custody dispute, time is of the essence. Contact our office to schedule a consultation to protect your rights, financial estate, and the well-being of your children.