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Child Support Modifications

After a child support order is entered, the financial obligation may be modified in the future by either parent.

To qualify for a child support modification, the Nebraska Child Support Guidelines requires that the total amount of support due would either increase or decrease by more than 10%.  However, the overall amount must increase or decrease by more than $25.00 for either parent to qualify for a modification.

Additionally, if the modification is based on a change in income for either parent, the court requires that the current financial circumstances must have lasted for at least 3 months and are expected to last for at least 6 months into the future.

If your income has changed such that it warrants a modification of a current child support obligation, contact us to discuss your facts and circumstances with an experienced child support attorney and receive a recommendation on the potential success of a child support modification action.  If a child support modification is justified, the timing of filing a modification is important, so it’s important to see legal advice right away. Every day you wait is a day that the existing support order remains in place.

Similarly, if the other parent is seeking a modification of your current child support order, contact our office to schedule a consultation to determine whether a modification is appropriate and possible defenses that may be raised to prevent your child support amount from being lowered.