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The Appeal Process, Part II

In Nebraska, there are two levels of appellate courts. The intermediate level is the Nebraska Court of Appeals. In family law cases, a person will first file an appeal with the Nebraska Court of Appeals. After that appeal is decided, and you believe the Nebraska Court of Appeals was also wrong in its ruling, you may appeal to the next level, which is the Nebraska Supreme Court. It is important to consider how the appellate court will review your case. Most orders in family law matters will only be reversed on appeal if the appellate court finds your trial judge
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The Appeal Process, Part I

If the judge made major decisions following your trial with which you seriously disagree, you may consider an appeal to the Nebraska Court of Appeals. People can appeal when they believe the judge made a mistake or misinterpreted the law as it pertains to the facts. Whatever the reasons for the court’s rulings, you may feel that the judge’s decisions are not ones that you can live with. If this is the case, you must talk to your lawyer immediately about your right to appeal. You have 30 days after the court enters its final order to file a Notice
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