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The Gift

I had just finished stringing cupcake liners on a piece of yarn to serve as party decorations for my daughter’s 10th birthday.  The “Cupcake Wars” birthday extravaganza preparation was nearly complete.  I now needed to wrap her birthday gifts in the fun cupcake wrapping paper I found on a fluke.  Wrapping gifts is my favorite part of any celebration.  I find nothing more delightful than producing a pretty package for the recipient. This year, her dad and I decided to go in together on a joint gift and each pay half the cost of her first iPod.  This was an
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Birthday Best

There I am on April 23, 1982, turning 7 years old, swirling and twirling and basking in bubbles.  Today I reach my fortieth milestone and I feel the same way about my birthday as I did back then.  I would be just as happy today swirling around in a pretty pink party dress, laughing as the bubbles popped around me. Birthdays mean many different things for people.  Some bemoan the addition of age and sigh as they see the wrinkles appearing around the edges of their eyes.  Others enjoy the loving attention they might receive from family and friends.  And
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Sparkle On

I say it every year – regardless of the gradual hike upward in age – I LOVE my birthday.  I love a day designed for simply celebrating your own unique existence.  This year I charged at my birthday with the same gusto as my nine-year-old daughter (who coincidentally celebrates her birthday the day after mine).  I went so far as to put the party planning techniques I have mastered for my daughters’ birthday parties to use for my own.  I hosted a Celebration of Sparkle in honor of the women in my life who contribute to my sparkle. My intentions
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I Say It’s My Birthday!

I love my birthday.  Love it.  And I don’t care that it sounds self-centered.  I believe wholeheartedly in self celebration.  I appreciate reflecting on the year I have just journeyed through, seeing what I have come through, and where I want to make shifts in the year ahead. I am finding that as this first birthday approaches, post-divorce it is more meaningful than ever.  After a year of fierce living and working through large loss, now more than ever is the time to step back and pat myself on the back for getting out of bed (most days), for paying
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