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How to Melt Ice

As a Sunday ice storm moved into the city, my co-workers made plans to enjoy the closing of the office to turn the weekend from two days to three. My exuberance for a winter snow day, however, was nowhere to be found. Dangerous roads put the kibosh on brunch plans with friends. A remodel project meant chaos reigned around me with a bathroom demolished, my bed a mattress on my dining room floor, and a dusting of drywall powder throughout. The only thing I had more of than messes were excuses. How could I do my yoga routine with my
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Grand Essentials

When my world was turned upside down, it was hard for me to find my happiness. It was hard to find because it wasn’t where it used to be. When I was married, my happiness perched in many places. It was on our patio on a Tuesday night when soccer practice was cancelled and a family dinner was guaranteed. It was in a plate of buttery corn on the cob and tomatoes with basil just picked from the garden. It was in the simple bouquet of bluebells picked from beside our goldfish pond. It was in the sight of my
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Happy Anniversary

My husband’s terminal cancer diagnosis kicked off the season. We followed the doctor’s “You better take this vacation while you still can” prescription, a family fiasco instead of fun in Alaska. Upon our return I oversaw the renovation of a century old building for our law office, during which a fiber optic cable punctured our sewer line creating a giant messy pit. By August I found myself on the hilly slope of a college campus giving a gut wrenching farewell to my youngest who at 15 would now live in a dormitory over a thousand miles away from me at
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Little Toes, Big Changes

Susan and Angela are pleased to welcome their Legal Assistant, Christi Leupold, as Guest Blogger having just returned from maternity leave to provide perspective on the complexity of big life changes.     I screamed.  My plan was to have an epidural and not feel any of the labor.  But my plan was thwarted when my epidural did not work properly.  Instead, I was in extreme pain as I brought my daughter into this world.  Seconds later, she was safely in my arms and I was already starting to forget about the pain.  I counted them, ten little toes and
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Seasonal Swings

This week, Nebraska weather is wrecking havoc on our gardens, our spring soccer, and most notably, our moods.  Our weather forecast shows a 30 degree swing from snow to sunshine in the span of 3 days and it makes us crazy.  Casual conversations in elevators or status updates on Facebook daily include mention of the weather.  Mostly people are aching for spring.  We are “supposed” to be having warmer weather, no more snow, and plenty of balmy sunshine.  Instead, every week there has been a little bit of snow cover and chilly days. It makes us crabby because we like
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The Real You

I have often thought that “before and after” photos of divorce clients would make a fascinating retrospective of what it means to go through divorce. As a divorce lawyer, I saw the changes in the appearance of hundreds of clients as they went through the divorce experience.  The look of a client on the day of the initial consultation and the look of a client at our final conference often differed dramatically. For some, divorce takes a huge toll on the mind, body and spirit. Significant weight gain or loss, dark circles from lack of sleep, or the sad face
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