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Back to School

My daughters, Sophia and Anna (from left to right), went back to school this week.  Sophia shyly, but excitedly, went to her 1st grade line and Anna confidently strode into her 3rd grade classroom with ease.  For me, I would consider it a personal best in terms of emotion control.  I actually applied mascara in the morning feeling the likelihood of tears was fairly non-existent as I technically no longer have babies going off to school.  They are big girls now.  I was relieved that when it came time to watch them go, I only felt happy and proud of
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About Face

It’s complicated.  That should have been my permanent Facebook status in 2011.  I initially joined Facebook for the ability to easily share pictures of my children with my family and friends who lived in states from Florida to Oregon.  So my obvious network included my family – who at that time included my in-laws.  You can imagine my surprise when I realized one day after separating from my husband that I had been unfriended by some of those I had considered family for more than 10 years.  To say it stung is an understatement.   And I noticed the deletion by
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