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Tag: Comparison


Comparison Control

“It’s not fair!” wailed the ten year old, doubling over with the pain of it, tears welling up in pleading brown eyes. “Jimmy got a bigger cookie!” We’ve all seen it. The lament at the lack of justice. Suffering in the face of unfairness.  We’ve all been it. Whether the words come out of our mouth or remain contained in the bubble above our head, we compare and declare, “It’s not fair.” “It’s not fair that he gets to stay in the house and I am forced to be in a lousy apartment.”        “It’s not fair that her work schedule
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One of a Kind

It’s human nature to compare ourselves to others. We do it consciously or unconsciously all day long. As we drive to work we spot the car we’d love to own; we look at the driver to see whether they are our age. Our co-worker shares how many miles they ran over the weekend; we silently consider the extra 8 pounds we’ve put on the past year.  We listen to a presentation; we think, “I would be so much better organized than this guy.” Whether they are upward or downward comparisons, we constantly compare. When we compare and think we are
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