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Beautiful Still

By the time I was sixteen I knew I was a one man woman. I fell in love with the long-haired guitar playing hippie and remained madly so until I was half way through college. A serial monogamist, I love being coupled. Being coupled means an ever present partner for the small joys that fill me up. Someone to make a spinach frittata for or to bring me a cup of coffee just the way I like it. A fellow traveler strolling from the arugula stand to the flower stall at the farmer’s market.  The one who relaxes reading nearby
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Dime a Dozen

“Women like you are a dime a dozen.” I feigned a blank look as I hesitated.  The words were spoken matter-of-factly, with a hint of compassion. My friend went on to explain. “I mean, look at the statistics. Single women your age outnumber single men 3 to 1. Not to mention men are only interested in women five or ten years younger.” I wanted to argue but I couldn’t. My lawyer mind knew the numbers evidence. She wasn’t telling me anything I didn’t already know, yet the harshness of the truth weighed on my heart for weeks. When considering a
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DANGER: Dating During Divorce

Some days as I sit behind my desk in my well-worn leather chair, I feel like a fancy version of Lucy from the Peanuts cartoon.  Remember when she would hang her sign for “Psychiatric Help 5¢?”  Oftentimes clients seek practical advice from me.  Not so much the brilliant legal analysis that I am poised to provide, but the do’s and don’ts of divorce.  They want to know how to be a good parent in the face of divorce, if they should sell their house considering their changing financial picture, or how to decide where the family dog should live. But
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In Love

In light of Valentine’s Day creeping up on us this week, I figured I would address dating after divorce (not during divorce, after divorce).  So while I sat in my pajamas, clutching a fistful of candy conversation hearts, I filled out an online dating profile.  I also signed up for speed dating at the library on Valentine’s Day to get some first-hand experience as to how this all works. I quickly realized that online dating requires a separate blog (or ten) all its own.  I haven’t quite recovered from the shock of it and I am not able to type
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