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Tag: Decisions


Head, Heart, Guts

Being an attorney with a strong analytical mind, I like to use my brain for decision-making. Making lists of “Pros and Cons.”  Calculating risk.  Assessing the upsides and downsides. I look at a number. A score. An amount. How much will this cost? How long will it take? When I am on a roll in the search for my perfect answer, I seek more opinions and do more research. I can get lost in time on websites taking me deeper into the abyss until I’m going in circles of increasing confusion. Analysis paralysis sets in. I get stuck. The problem
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Taking Stock

“I don’t know what to do.”  “I don’t know what I want.”  “I am not sure.”  “I don’t know if I will regret this decision.”  “What would you do?”  “What if I make the wrong decision, can I change it later?” I am asked any variety of these questions from clients on a weekly basis.  As a person who particularly suffers when I am unsure, I can relate.  There are few feelings less unsettling when looking at making decisions about your and your children’s future, than being unsure. A couple of weeks ago I was at a leadership retreat.  If
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