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divorce planning

Two Actions to Take Before Separating from Your Spouse

Failing to prepare is preparing to fail, and in the context of divorce, this adage rings true. If you are considering separating from your spouse and filing for divorce, it is important that you prepare for both the legal process and the fact that you and your spouse will soon be living apart. From budgeting to finding emotional support, a pre-separation checklist should rival the importance, if not the thickness, of a commercial airliner takeoff manual. However, if you only have the time or the energy for a few pre-separation preparations, then here are two actions that all spouses should
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Alimony in Nebraska: Essential Information for Your Attorney

One of the most common questions people have at the initial stage in their divorce is whether they are eligible to receive alimony.  In Nebraska there is not a specific calculation that determines whether alimony will be awarded. Rather, an award of alimony is left to the discretion of the judge or negotiating between the parties.  There are several factors the court may consider when making an alimony determination, but the outcome will be most impacted by the unique facts of your case. The more information about your case that you can provide to your attorney, the easier it will
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How to Tell if You are Headed for Divorce

Celebrities have their personal lives played out in the media and because we think we know them, we think we can tell which celebrity couples are headed for divorce.  But do you know how to tell if you and your spouse may be taking that same road?  Here are some signs: You’re unhappy a lot.  Good relationships bring happiness; bad relationships deliver the opposite.  If you or your spouse is unhappy a lot of the time — and it’s not because you hate your jobs — then you may be headed for divorce. Your interactions are mostly negative.  All couples
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3 Mistakes to Avoid During Your Divorce

In an effort to transition through your divorce relatively unscathed — both financially and emotionally – you will need to take an active role in attempting to keep things civil.  In other words, you have a role to play in maintaining the civility in your divorce. Long gone are the days when divorce was all about assigning fault and sorting out who’s the winner and who’s the loser.  The goal for divorce today is fairness and equitable treatment for both parties — and if children are involved, keeping their interests paramount. One of the best ways to avoid making the
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10 Factors That Influence How Quickly You Recover From Divorce

According to a recent article in Psychology Today, how quickly and well you recover from a divorce depends largely on these 10 factors: 1.  The length of the marriage. The longer you and your spouse were together, the more entwined your lives became — which makes it more likely that it will take longer for the two of you to become used to functioning as a single person rather than a couple. 2.  If the divorce was a surprise. If you had no idea that your spouse was going to ask you for a divorce, the surprise element can make
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The Sensitive Personal Information You Need to Share with Your Divorce Lawyer

Divorce can not only be emotionally draining; there are times when it can be downright embarrassing. There may be some circumstances you experience that you wouldn’t even tell your best friend about. However, there is someone you should tell: your attorney. Here are five pieces of sensitive information you should definitely share with your divorce lawyer: You had an affair. Infidelity is one of the most common reasons why couples split, and if there has been infidelity in your marriage, you need to let your attorney know so he or she is not put at a disadvantage when defending your
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5 Questions to Ask Your Divorce Attorney in the Initial Consultation

When meeting with an attorney for the first time in the divorce process, it is important that you receive candid advice to any questions or concerns that you may have. While your attorney may not be able to answer all of your questions during the initial consultation, your attorney should be able to provide you with guidance and insight. When preparing your list of initial consultation questions, here are five suggestions to add to your list: What information do you need from me? To complete a divorce, a number of documents have to be collected. Ask your attorney to provide
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