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Credit Cards and Divorce

Credit card accounts and debt can become contentious issues during the divorce process. How is credit card debt divided? Who keeps the credit cards after divorce? What happens if my spouse obtained a secret credit card during our marriage? Here are answers to five frequently asked questions regarding credit card issues during divorce. How Is Credit Card Debt Divided? Credit card debt accrued during marriage is divided fairly between spouses, which usually means an equal division regardless of which spouse incurred the debt. What If My Spouse Opened a Secret Credit Card During Our Marriage? While the general rule is
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Social Security Benefits and Divorce

If your marriage lasted 10 years or more, and you are now divorcing, you may be able to receive Social Security benefits on your soon-to-be former spouse’s record (or vice versa). In order to receive these benefits on your former spouse’s record, the following criteria must be met: You must be unmarried. At the time your former spouse is eligible to receive Social Security benefits, you must be unmarried to receive your portion. If your former spouse has remarried, your ability to receive benefits on your former spouse’s record will be unaffected. If after your divorce you remarried, but that
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Divorce and Financial Aid for College: 5 Factors for Parents to Consider

During the divorce process, spouses are required to make many decisions, especially considering their children and the future of the family’s finances.  One of the benefits of hiring an experienced divorce attorney is to assist you in the decision-making process.  An experienced lawyer can help you avoid potential unintended consequences of the decisions that you make during your divorce.  One consideration that often gets overlooked is how the divorce may impact the ability for children of divorced parents to qualify for college financial aid.  Although the college financial aid process can be complicated, a well-thought-out strategy addressed during the parents’
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