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Tag: Forgiveness


Sweet Forgiveness

This month would have marked my 35th wedding anniversary to my children’s father. On a hot July afternoon, I dressed in lace, ruffles, and pearl buttons to say “I do” in his grandma’s back yard. We committed until death. We lasted a little more than a decade. In the years since our divorce, I’ve felt a silent pride at my efforts to forgive my former spouse for his wrongdoings. Some real and heart-rending. Others perceived and petty. What I realize today is that there was a long list to forgive myself for, too. For accepting a marriage proposal from a
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Forgiving Flowers

I love art and I love fresh flowers.  On a recent Friday night I attended a reception for an artist friend. It was the opening of her new exhibit.  On this a beautiful September evening, the mood in the small gallery was high. After slowly taking in the beauty of each of the paintings, I paused to gaze at two large lovely bouquets set on either side of the wine and cheese. On the left was a tall ribboned vase filled with large red roses. On the right was a rich autumn arrangement of oranges, reds, and golds. As I
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