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Tag: Joy


Mariachi Mother’s Day

I had a 3 o’clock appointment for a massage from Fernando. I separated from my six travel companions who were more willing than me on this Mother’s Day morning to haggle with the street vendors hawking brightly colored scarves and silver necklaces. I walked quickly to an uncertain destination with my eyes straight ahead under my big black sunhat. In the distance I could see the ocean. I quickened my pace until I arrived at the plaza that opened onto the beach. A line had gathered outside a small white chapel whose entrance was covered in white flowers drooping in
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My life hasn’t seen this many tears since my husband, John, died. In the last two weeks, I have witnessed those near me experience a historic court ruling, a death of a beloved, and the next step on the divorce journey. In just 14 days I have lifted champagne to my lips in three separate places, had two titanium implants drilled into my jaw, lunched with a renowned executive from Japan, received bouquets of roses and daisies, and bolted out of a funeral service to openly break into the kind of uncontrollable sobs ordinarily reserved for the end of the
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Marital Bliss

Susan and Angela are pleased to welcome back Guest Blogger Angela Lennon having just returned from her wedding and honeymoon to share her learnings on people’s capacity for compassion and celebration of others September 13, 2014, as the cliché goes, was the best day of my life.  My wedding day.  Last month, one hundred fifty of our closest friends and family, (including my firm family at Koenig│Dunne) gathered in Omaha to celebrate our nuptials. However, in the days and weeks leading up to our wedding, at work, I felt apprehensive and awkward.  I wanted to reach out to my clients
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