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Rainbow covered and smiling they weaved their way through booths and paused on this day to celebrate Pride.  They came young and old, dark and light, coupled and solo, and all with the aim of inclusivity.  Parents came to support their gay children, couples came to announce their new marital status after having been together for years and years without being able to enjoy the bond of matrimony, and families arrived feeling whole. Our firm has been part of the annual Pride festival in Omaha for over decade.  Our aim was to provide education and services to the LBGT community
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My life hasn’t seen this many tears since my husband, John, died. In the last two weeks, I have witnessed those near me experience a historic court ruling, a death of a beloved, and the next step on the divorce journey. In just 14 days I have lifted champagne to my lips in three separate places, had two titanium implants drilled into my jaw, lunched with a renowned executive from Japan, received bouquets of roses and daisies, and bolted out of a funeral service to openly break into the kind of uncontrollable sobs ordinarily reserved for the end of the
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Freedom to Marry

Today our legal team will advocate in federal court on behalf of our client couples for the Freedom to Marry in Nebraska.  This is a deeply meaningful day for me, for our clients, and for my firm family.  I repost here the blog I wrote when we filed the lawsuit explaining why this work expands my heart.  As one person said to me after reading this blog originally  “This is the kind of case that we go to law school for.”  Yes. It is. On Monday, November 17, 2014, our firm, along with the ACLU, filed a lawsuit in federal
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Randy, Tom, and Tim

I kept looking at their faces. Their beautiful smiles. Two handsome men near my age. Something tugged at me, made me want to draw closer to them. Then it hit me. They reminded me of my brother, Tim, who would have been about their age had he not died 20 years ago this week. It was the eve of the filing of a federal lawsuit seeking that the marriage of Randy and Tom be recognized in our state.  They and six other loving and committed couples who took on all the responsibilities of marriage were about to ask for its
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