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Tag: Patience


Why Wait

“I just want it over,” he said. I remember he’d been insistent he get the earliest available appointment. When asked whether he had been referred to a specific attorney he said, “Yes. But just get me in. I need someone now.” There were no allegations of intimate partner abuse, of bank accounts being emptied or credit cards being maxed out. No dispute about who would remain in the marital home. No children. Unlike most who consult about divorce, Jason wasn’t interested in sharing his story of his fifteen year marriage or why its end appeared imminent. He’d barely taken his
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Pursuing Patience

When I was born, my blood was spiked with a tad bit of Irish.  I celebrate Irish lineage from both my dad’s Dunne side and my mom’s Griffin side.  As a result, I have been known to have a short fuse.  More specifically, the patience gene was apparently left out of my DNA.  Now, I do not want to give the impression that I have a hard time waiting my turn in line or sitting in traffic.  Those scenarios tend not to bother me, because I can always see that my turn will come and I can gauge that it
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