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Protection Order

Obtaining a Domestic Abuse Protection Order in Nebraska

Spousal abuse is a potentially life-threatening situation—the seriousness of which cannot be overstated. If you or your children are experiencing physical violence, or even the threat of physical violence, from your current or former spouse, you should seek advice from your attorney immediately about obtaining a domestic abuse protection order. Here are the basic steps to obtain a domestic abuse protection order in Nebraska: Determine Whether You Are Eligible To obtain a domestic abuse protection order for you or your children, you must be either the current or former spouse of the abuser, a current or former romantic partner of
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What is the Difference Between a Restraining Order and a Domestic Abuse Protection Order?

There is a distinct difference between a restraining order and a domestic violence protection order in a divorce case.  Restraining orders and protection orders are both court orders that direct a person to engage or not engage in certain behavior. A restraining order may be issued in a divorce case regarding multiple aspects of your case.  For example, a restraining order may instruct both parties not to display any behavior meant to harass, insult, or intimidate the other spouse.  It may also order both parties not to take any actions that impact the marital estate, including transferring, hiding, or disposing
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