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Pacing the Path

  This past weekend I tromped through the apple orchard with my family, celebrating the changing of the seasons. The soft breeze carried the sweet scent of ripe apples in the air right below the bulging branches. As my girls and their cousins raced off to the corn maze, I lazily followed and lay down in the grass and gazed upward into the depths of the blue sky. Their nervous laughter shrieked up over the cornstalks as they found the curves that turned into a continuation of the path. The divorce transition is one akin to trekking through a corn
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The Risk of the Rush

After the doctor examined me he handed me a list of recommendations. At the top list were three simple words: Do not rush. It was an appropriate prescription. My driving record revealed I’d had more than one speeding ticket in the same year. I completed college in three years. I opted for the “Fast Track” program when I studied to be a coach. And in far too many moments my mouth has moved at a speed far faster than my brain.  With the exceptions of the time it takes me to run a 5k or to learn my life lessons,
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