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Settlement v. Trial: 10 Things to Consider

All divorces end by either settling or going to trial. While the vast majority take the former route, settlement is not always the best or most appropriate option. Determining whether to settle or to take your case to trial can be a difficult decision. Here are some questions to consider when making your decision. How fast do I want my case resolved? If completing your case as soon as possible is important to you, then settlement may be favorable to trial. How much money am I willing to spend on my case? Trials can add a significant cost to your
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Courtroom Care

I could feel it before I could see it.  I knew immediately that something was off.  I walked down the courthouse corridor, unaware at first that I was walking directly down the battle line.  I spotted my client and his family nervously waiting for me.  I did not recognize, because they were strangers to me, that his wife and her relatives sat on the bench opposite.  As soon as I stopped and stood before my client and his family I could see them all avoiding any direct glances over my shoulder.  The “other side” was behind me.  The tension bore
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