We are here to help. It is a sound bite that I wholeheartedly include in many emails and conversations with clients. It is not merely a slogan or a marketing ploy. In many instances, a client is coming to us at his or her lowest point, faced with having to file bankruptcy to deal with insurmountable debt. As a bankruptcy attorney, I am here to empower the client on the path forward, providing support beyond what is required to comply with the bankruptcy laws.

In my practice, I am here for clients experiencing the joys of babies being born and for the heartbreaks of the passing of a loved one. I am here to see bankruptcy clients as more than just a bucket of debt. People seeking bankruptcy relief crave stability, clarity, and ease. This is all accomplished through providing a bankruptcy practice that provides a heart-centered process. In the end, the law is the law, but it is how a client experiences legal support that makes the real impression.

Bankruptcy is a tough legal process to navigate on your own because of the technical requirements and the legal customs that only a practitioner can know and appreciate. To assist clients as they navigate the process, we have developed a bankruptcy framework that is consistent, but at the same time highly adaptable to specific needs (be that legal or otherwise).

Initial Consultation. The bankruptcy process begins with a free consultation with one of our bankruptcy attorneys. Our client service manager works with you to schedule the appointment. During the consultation, the attorney hears your story and educated on the solutions available to you.

Hiring Attorney. After the consult, the bankruptcy attorney will collaborate with our client service manager to determine a fee tailored to your situation. If you decide to move forward with your bankruptcy, you will pay the attorneys fees and bankruptcy filing fee.

Bankruptcy Drafting. Once you have hired the firm, you will receive a comprehensive list of information and documentation specifically needed for your bankruptcy team to draft the bankruptcy paperwork.

Review and Sign Appointment. Once your bankruptcy paperwork is drafted, your bankruptcy attorney will meet with you to review it to ensure accuracy and that you understand the paperwork that will be filed on your behalf.

Bankruptcy Court. Your bankruptcy attorney will attend the bankruptcy court hearing with you. It is important to us that you feel supported and comfortable going to court.

Deciding whether to file a bankruptcy is a complex and emotional decision. Finding the right attorney to work with you to make that decision is crucial. Instead of worrying what will come next, you should meet with a bankruptcy attorney with a heart to discover your options for dealing with your financial situation.

If you are someone you know is bracing for or already experiencing financial distress, the bankruptcy attorneys at Koenig|Dunne are here to help.

Patrick Patino

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