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5 Tips to Fast-Track Your Nebraska Divorce

5 Tips to Fast-Track Your Nebraska Divorce

5 Tips to Fast-Track Your Nebraska Divorce

The one thing just about everyone can agree on about divorce is that no one wants it to drag on and on.  Getting a divorce done quickly (relatively speaking) is possible, but it requires some effort on the part of both spouses to work together toward a fair and equitable settlement.  If you’ve made the hard decision to divorce and want to speed things along, here are some tips to help you accomplish that:

Keep communicating.

It can be incredibly difficult to keep the lines of communication open with a spouse who is about to become an ex — especially if only one of you wants the divorce.  But if you can keep talking, you can do a lot to move the process forward.  If you are having trouble communicating, consider visiting a therapist to help get both of you through this tough time and manage your emotions.  Talk about how you hope to move on and what you need to do so.  If you can reach agreement on some of the major issues like marital property distribution and support, you will save yourselves both time and money.  When you only talk through your respective attorneys, you slow down the process and increase the cost of your divorce unnecessarily.

Consider mediation.

Mediation allows you to resolve your case outside a courtroom and gives you better control over the final outcome. Engaging in mediation will allow you and your spouse to hash things out with the help of a neutral third party — the mediator — in a private setting. Both of you can still have your own attorney to help you during the negotiation process and to review the final agreement prior to the court signing off on it.

Document everything.

Once you have reached agreement on important issues during your divorce negotiations, be sure that the decisions you have made are put into writing.  Paperwork is what makes the divorce process work, so be sure you have documented all your marital assets and debts.  Gathering all your important documents — any pre- or post-nuptial agreements, mortgage, investments, etc. — in the early stages of the process will help you reach a fair agreement more quickly.

Be honest.

Trying to hide assets or debts could not only be detrimental to your divorce case, it can also hold things up when you just want to move on.  You need to be completely transparent with both your lawyer and your ex and provide a complete financial disclosure of your income, assets, and debts.  This will provide your attorney with the information he or she needs to safeguard your interests.  If you withhold important information, it could endanger your ability to get your fair share of the marital property. 

Remember the children.

Keeping conflict to a minimum is key to making your divorce go smoother and faster, but is especially important when children are involved.  The Nebraska family courts make child-related decisions based on the best interests of the child, and that should be your goal as well.  Your children need the love and support of both their parents to thrive, so do everything you can to make peace with your ex for the sake of your children’s well being.

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