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If you or your spouse is a service member at Offutt Air Force Base and you are considering filing for divorce, the first question you must answer is where do I file?  Every state has different divorce filing requirements, but all states require at least one spouse to be a “legal resident” of the state in which he…

I knew what I was seeing before I knew what I was seeing. My brain worked hard to protect my mom heart. What is that?  Is that a highlighter? I pulled the top off not to expose a highlighter tip, but rather a menthol pack.  Oh. OH.  My fifteen-year-old culprit daughter was in the basement working on…


  • "I found working with the firm was positive under the negative conditions. Although my case was unusual at the conclusion, the firm handled it with compassion and understanding."
    – Mary Anderson
  • "I was extremely nervous about discussing such an intimate part of my life with a stranger but those fears quickly subsided when I was welcomed so warmly the moment I walked through your doors. I sincerely appreciated the time Angela (Dunne) took discussing all of my options and the pros and cons to each. Her ability to have an open and honest conversation with me while discussing those options was exactly what I needed to be able to open up and discuss my situation freely. I felt as though she had my son’s best interest at heart (even if that meant I was not going to need to retain her services). I left the office completely relieved and as if a huge weight had been listed off my shoulders. I will always remember Angela’s kindness, personability, and her immense amount of knowledge which I experienced during my consultation."
    – Amber C.
  • "Koenig|Dunne is a very professional firm that is considerate of your situation and makes the process go as smoothly as possible."
    – Sherri O.
  • “Angela Lennon was very comforting and supportive throughout the whole process. I would recommend this firm to anyone. Angela is the second attorney I have used at this firm and she surpassed my expectations.”
    – Sarah Petersen Daugherty
  • "The firm has an esteemed reputation and the quality of work & level of professionalism definitely matches it. Angela (Lennon) & Lori have been fabulous!"
    – Lisa Humphrey
  • "The thing I noted immediately [about Koenig|Dunne] was TEAM. Several people supporting the process, a lot of experience to draw on... I knew what to expect right from the start, and there was consistent follow through. I had a superb experience, thank you!"
    – Anonymous
  • "Getting a divorce was not easy, but the law firm (Koenig|Dunne) made my decision easier to make. Angela Lennon and Megan Andersen were both quick to respond to my questions and I really appreciate what they have done for me."
    – Margaret Llewellyn
  • Katie Vogel was outstanding and provided everything I needed in terms of responsiveness, clear expectations, clear documentation, etc. She is fantastic and I would highly recommend her to any others looking for a divorce attorney.
    – Anonymous
  • "Every staff member I contacted was amazing and friendly in a time of stress in my life. I was very impressed with the service I received at every step in my divorce".
    – Anonymous
  • "Scott Hahn has helped me during a very difficult time in my life that no parent or spouse desires to go through. Scott is very patient, knowledgeable, caring, and an advocate of parental rights in all conversations. I have been most impressed with Scott's attention to detail, communication, genuinely shows that he cares about the person he's representing as well as everyone impacted during the divorce process, and his ability to be honest rather than promise and under-deliver. Scott has represented me during my divorce and he has always been upfront with me on what he is doing on my behalf, that divorce process stages, and what I need to prepare myself for as I go through the divorce process. I was referred to Scott from a friend and after watching Scott in action I can't thank my friend enough for his advice to retain Scott as my attorney. Scott has always been up front with me about what I need to do to protect myself and my child even when I wanted to hold out hope that my marriage could be saved. Scott continues to support my efforts to try repairing my marriage but has informed me of the guidelines I need to work in to protect myself if those efforts continue to remain unsuccessful. It is nice to know that Scott is protecting me when I am unable to lose all hope and that he ultimately wants a family to stay intact unless divorce is forced or the desired path of both spouses and in the best interest of the child or children. I have a lot of respect for Scott and the work he's done for me, he's someone I feel comfortable confiding in and I trust Scott to only communicate the information he knows is relevant to my case. We have only had one court appearance but as a father who was faced with an immediate custody dispute, I was very impressed with how much information Scott had based off our conversations at various times in preparation of the hearing. Scott is very organized and will communicate to you what you need to prepare yourself for based off is experience in similar cases/situations which is something every spouse should understand going into a divorce. Scott was able to overcome many of my own self-inflicted obstacles in my case and presented me with an opportunity to overcome these obstacles going forward. Scott has never advised me to retaliate against my spouse and any attempts to do so that are not legally justified have been filtered out which is the best method to have a peaceful resolution to an already very emotional and painful process. I will refer any person going through a divorce to Scott Hahn, he is a supporter of your rights as a parent and spouse but cares about you as a person above all else! I have all of the confidence that Scott will prevent me from damaging myself, my relationship with my child, and any potential co-parenting relationship I want to have with my spouse going forward."
    – Anonymous
  • "Angela Lennon and Michaela Seidl have made me feel comfortable throughout this whole process. It is such a blessing to have a team in my corner who I trust implicitly. Thank you!"
    – Stephanie Jeannette
  • "This process is so out of my comfort zone! Never-ever did I think I would be in this position. Thank goodness there are people like you and your firm to give TLC to people who are so confused, anxious, and vulnerable. It is not fun, I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy (if I had any), but I am glad you were there for me!"
    – Anonymous
  • "Your team is amazing. Well-coordinated, professional, and incredibly supportive. I'm thankful to have you on my team throughout the divorce process. You have made a stressful experience as painless as possible."
    – A.L.
  • "You actually care - I felt like it was genuine. Angela (Dunne)'s reputation paired with her knowledge and vulnerability gave me confidence and made me feel comfortable. She always had my family's best interest at heart, including my (ex) wife. The staff was awesome, courteous, responsive, and professional."
    – Derek
  • "I liked feeling supported during the most difficult time of my life. I felt like I had honorable & trustworthy advocates, the 'good guys' of the divorce realm by my side."
    – Julie Jenowe
  • "This was the best move I made, coming to this firm. I look forward to the interactions (as strange as that sounds, in what is usually a negative & stressful situation), Koenig Dunne makes it stress free, Thank you!"
    – Emily Adelgren
  • "David was a true shelter in a storm. He was patient, kind and a total professional. He was always quick to respond to me and my concerns, always answered my questions fully and I never felt rushed or a burden. He was also extremely conscientious about my time in regards to cost accrued. I would highly recommend David to anyone in need of top notch legal service (and I have!)."
    – Anonymous


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