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No one wants to go to court. However, sometimes it’s the only way to resolve disputed issues in a divorce case. Our attorneys will guide you to determine if litigation is your only option and if it’s in your best interests.

It you and your spouse are not able to resolve your case through a negotiated agreement, the judge will decide the disputed issues at a trial.

At Koenig|Dunne, we know divorce is more than a legal transaction, so we will be with you every step of the way to help you navigate the litigation process from start to finish. Every divorce is different and deeply personal. As such, every case requires thoughtful legal analysis, litigation experience, and a highly skilled attorney in both negotiation skills and courtroom prowess.

Your legal team will work closely with you during your case to prepare for trial. We will also hire the right expert witness for your case, if needed for trial.

We will provide you with a litigation budget that will outline the fees you can expect at each stage of the litigation process to help you plan for the cost of litigation and work with you to make the best choice for your case.

We know that a divorce trial can have lasting impacts on your personal life, children, income, and finances. Schedule a consultation with our highly skilled and experienced divorce litigators. We will fight for you in the courtroom and stand with you side-by-side during the process. 

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