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Katie Vogel, discusses the timeline of a typical Nebraska divorce. For more information on the common steps in divorce read our Divorce Made Simple blog, HERE

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Angela Dunne explains what the divorce process entails following an initial consultation. You can find available class times for the required class mentioned in the video by following this link.

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Lindsay Belmont explains what documents are needed to begin the divorce process. 

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Angela Dunne covers what you can expect during the divorce process.

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Angela Lennon discusses the cost of a Nebraska divorce and breaks down the price ranges based on the difficulty of the case. read more about the cost associated with divorce here

For more information about Untie Online, follow this link

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David Pontier explains whether or not there are advantages to filing for divorce first, and how the other spouse is informed of the filing. This information is further outlined here.

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Angela Dunne lists the documents you can give to your attorney to speed up the divorce process. More tips for fast-tracking your divorce can be found here.

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Lindsay Belmont provides information explaining what a temporary hearing entails, and when they are necessary.

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Angela Lennon overviews the three primary factors of child support in Nebraska. Follow this link for more information on the guidelines of child support, as mentioned in this video. 

Person reviewing documents with a Nebraska divorce attorney

Divorce is difficult and when you don’t understand the legal process, it can seem overwhelming. Our Divorce Made Simple blog aims to give you practical information in a way that is easy to understand.

We know each divorce is unique and if you have questions about how to protect your rights and your family, reach out – we’re ready to support you.

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Angela Dunne discusses how each divorce case is unique and the importance of your attorney’s advice.

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Lindsay Belmont discusses the two ways witnesses are used in the divorce process. 

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Angela Lennon describes the ways assets can be divided equitably under Nebraska law. Graphics and further information on this topic can be found here.

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David Pontier examines how living arrangements can be organized during divorce and the viewpoint of the court. More information about what factors are considered can be found here.

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Angela Dunne provides information on the timeline of separating finances, and how it is commonly executed. More details are available here

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Katie Vogel discusses the difference between legal and physical custody. Click here to read more about custody in divorce.

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David Pontier answers questions on whether or not you may receive or need to pay alimony. More information on factors leading to alimony can be found on our Divorce Made Simple blog here.

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Angela Lennon goes over what a collaborative divorce is and what you can expect in the process. To find more resources on the collaborative process, click here

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Angela Dunne shares the factors that may lead to going to trial, and the process of trial. Read more about the process on our Divorce Made Simple Blog here.

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Angela Dunne discusses the universal rules that should be followed when telling children about divorce. More information can be found on our Divorce Made Simple blog here


Play Video about Is-there-a-jury-for-my-divorce-trial-and-what-is-evidence

Angela Lennon  explains whether or not a jury is present during trial, and who will decide on a case. Learn m ore about the divorce trial process on our Divorce Made Simple blog here

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Angela Lennon  details how your spouse may be held accountable when not following a court order. Find more information regarding obtaining a protection order on our Divorce Made Simple blog here

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Angela Dunne outlines the details of a parenting plan, and how it can be utilized for co-parents. Learn more about Parenting Plans on our Divorce Made Simple blog here. 

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Angela Lennon outlines the process of discovery between spouses. More information on discovery can be found on our Divorce Made Simple blog here

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Angela Lennon o explains how mediation is an alternative method for traditional divorce. Learn more about the benefits of mediation on our Divorce Made Simple blog here

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Angela Dunne explains the misconception that children may choose where they live in the divorce process. Further information on this topic may be found on our Divorce Made Simple blog here

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Angela Dunne breaks down what a typical parenting schedule looks like during the divorce process. 

Visiting a law office can be an anxiety-producing experience, especially for those who are not accustomed to dealing with lawyers. This can be particularly true if the issues to be addressed concern children, the end of a marriage, health, or planning for the unexpected. At Koenig|Dunne we want to make this important step toward protecting your legal rights a comfortable one by letting you know what to expect during your initial consultation.