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Collaborative Divorce​

Nebraska collaborative divorce is an alternative method for couples facing divorce. In collaborative divorce, spouses are empowered to resolve all matters without court intervention. Collaborative law uses specially trained and skilled professionals to reach fair solutions and resolve issues, while avoiding the cost, time, and uncertainties of litigation.

For example, in collaborative law, the parties focus on achieving a fair and equitable settlement. The process encourages and supports you through the process of jointly restructuring your family. One benefit of Nebraska collaborative divorce is that it is a client-centered and solution-orientated process that leverages the expertise of professionals to address the legal, emotional, and financial needs of the parties and their children.

Rather than having a judge decide the contested issues in a divorce, such as custody or property division, in collaborative divorce, you commit to negotiating a mutually acceptable and sustainable solution to all issues without court intervention.

In a collaborative divorce case, you will work with a team of specially trained collaborative professionals to guide you through the divorce process. Each collaborative team will be comprised of two attorneys and two mental health professionals, called divorce coaches. The team can also include a child specialist and a financial specialist.

Angela Lennon is a certified collaborative lawyer and a member of the Nebraska Academy of Collaborative Professionals. If you or your spouse are considering a divorce, contact our office to schedule a consultation to learn more about collaborative divorce and to find out if a collaborative divorce is right for you.