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About omaha's divorce firm

As Omaha’s divorce firm we know when what matters most is at stake, you need more than a divorce lawyer. When you are worried about keeping your home, protecting your child, or finding a path forward when big changes are happening in your life, you need a team who will take you to a better place.

Immediately when people hear that we do divorce they say, “Your work must be so hard.” But for the Koenig|Dunne team supporting our courageous clients is inspirational. Helping people pick up the pieces of their life to make a new start. Supporting spouses who have made the difficult decision to divorce. Sheltering a child from the conflict of a custody battle. We do this work because its work we know matters.

Our law firm began in a little office across the street from the courthouse, with one of the three small rooms a nursery for the founder of our firm, Susan’s, first baby. Today we’re in two beautiful buildings filled with commitment to client care and professionals who love working hard together.

Koenig|Dunne is a longtime leader in the change of legal experience. We’ve written hundreds of blogs and even a book about the process of divorce in Nebraska that’s been replicated in 25 states. We’ve lectured in countless places, from law schools and legal conferences to grade school classrooms. We’ve testified before the Unicameral to improve laws for Nebraska families, served on commissions, and provided community programs to help people recover after devastating life events.

In short, Koenig|Dunne is more than a divorce law firm.

We’ve had a lot of big wins for our clients over these 35 years, like historic Nebraska Supreme Court victories in landmark cases. But our sweetest successes have been in supporting our clients with excellent advocacy to empower them to move forward stronger.

We’ve received some great acknowledgments, like the Better Business Bureau Integrity Award and top ratings for our experienced lawyers. But what means the most to us is that when life takes you in an unexpected direction, we keep our promise to be who clients have said we are: Omaha’s Divorce Firm.

Whether an amicable collaboration or lengthy litigation lies ahead, we’re the team who will empower you on your path to a better future, from start to finish.

That’s a promise.

Our Books

Patched Up Parenting A Guide to Co-Parenting

Patched Up Parenting

Whether a person initiates or responds to a divorce, every part of that person’s life is about to change. Parenting, family relationships, finances, friends, personal belongings, residences, job performance—all are affected. Nothing remains untouched during divorce. As a divorce attorney, author Angela Dunne’s job is to help people navigate through an uncertain, difficult journey that affects both parents and their children.


Divorce in Nebraska

The second edition of Divorce in Nebraska: The Legal Process, Your Rights, and What to Expect, co-authored by Angela Dunne and Susan Ann Koenig.

Our attorneys wrote this book as a resource to help families navigate the divorce in our state.  Divorce in Nebraska provides an in-depth overview of the divorce process in a straightforward format that is easily understandable.


Awards & Announcements

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Awards & Announcements

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