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The Benefits of Divorce Mediation- Part 1

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation- Part 1

When facing divorce, there are many factors to consider, and no two divorces are the same.  For spouses interested in a mediated divorce, you will focus on achieving a fair and equitable settlement through the mediation process.  You will work with a neutral third-party mediator to reach a mutually acceptable and sustainable resolution without court intervention.   

For many spouses, the divorce mediation process has benefits over the traditional litigated divorce process, including: 

Puts Children First 

  • Divorce mediation does not focus on tearing one parent down to build the other one up.  Both parents come to the table to work with a neutral attorney-mediator to guide them through the creation of a parenting plan, with the focus being on what is best for the children and how both spouses can work toward a healthy and stable co-parenting relationship. 

Takes Less Time 

  • Contested, litigated divorces often take 12 – 18 months to work through the court system.  Mediated divorces are completed much more quickly.  This is because the parties control the time frame and forward progress.  Depending on how many mediation sessions are required, many spouses are able to complete their mediated divorce in a few months.  

More Affordable & Cost-Effective 

  • Divorce mediation costs much less than a contested litigated divorce action.  This is because in divorce mediation, the parties hire one attorney-mediator to guide them through the divorce process and draft the necessary paperwork to complete the divorce.  Additionally, the process generally takes much less than a contested litigated divorce action. 

You Control the Outcome 

  • Divorce mediation allows you to control the outcome of your case and prevents a judge, who does not know you or your family, from deciding important issues, such as parenting time, child support, alimony, or the division of your marital estate.  

At Koenig|Dunne, Katie Vogel is an experienced divorce attorney who is passionate about supporting families through the divorce mediation process.  If you are considering divorce mediation, please call us today at 402-346-1132 to discuss your rights, options, and path forward.