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January 2023: ❄️January ❄️

December 2022: Happy Holidays!

November 2022: It’s Our Favorite Time of the Year!

October 2022: We Won!

September 2022: 🍂 New Season = New Services

August 2022: This is just the thing you need to brighten your day!

July, 2022: ☀️We’re having a SUN-sational Summer! ☀️

June, 2022: 🏳️‍⚧️ 🏳️‍🌈 June 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

May, 2022: Oh, MAY! We’ve been busy!

April, 2022: April always puts a little spring in our step!

March, 2022: Marching into spring 🌷

February, 2022: Hello February!

January, 2022: Happy January!

December, 2021: Happy Holidays!

November, 2021: We have a lot to be thankful for!

October, 2021: Koenig|Dunne Leading the Change

September, 2021: Koenig|Dunne + Little Bo’

August, 2021: Leadership and Giving Bears

July, 2021: July is sizzling – Fourth of July, Pride Parade and Leading the NSBA Annual Seminar!

June, 2021: More Love, Lemonade and Updates!

May, 2021: New Team Members, New Partners and an Annual Tradition – Oh, My!

April, 2021: Find out what’s been springing up at Koenig|Dunne this Month!

March, 2021: Courage and a Conversation

February, 2021: The Blame Game

January, 2021: Two Actions to Take Before Seperating from Your Spouse

December, 2020: How Your Social Media Habits Can Impact Your Divorce

November, 2020: Will Seeing a Therapist Hurt My Chances of Getting Custody?

October, 2020: Does It Hurt or Help to be Nice in a Divorce?

August, 2020: What Must Be Included In My Parenting Plan?

July, 2020: 5 Essential Steps for Making Your Divorce Less Painful

June, 2020: Happy Pride 🌈 & Other June Updates from Koenig|Dunne

May, 2020: Co-Parenting with Intention: Strategies for Positive Parenting

April, 2020: April Inspiration from Koenig|Dunne

March, 2020: What Your Kids Want You to Know About Your Divorce

February, 2020: 10 Factors That Impact Your Recovery From Divorce

January, 2020: What Should You Expect From Your Divorce Attorney?

December, 2019: What Divorce Teaches Us About love

November, 2019: How to Manage Conflict During a Difficult Divorce

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May, 2019: The Gratitude Attitude: Learning to Love What You Have

April, 2019: Tapping Into Your True Power & Seizing Control of Your Life

March, 2019: The Power (and Gift) of Forgiveness

February, 2019: Navigating Your Grief After a Divorce

January, 2019: Make 2019 the Year You Bring Balance to Your Life

December, 2018: Two Wishes for You in 2019: Inspiration & Intention

November, 2018: Note to Self: Remember to try one of these self-care practices

October, 2018: Get Your Happy On: Try Your Own Happiness Project