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Being the Best

Being the Best

Best of Big O

This past November, our firm was voted “Best Divorce Attorney” in Omaha.  Pinnacle moment right?  Everyone strives to be the best.  Be their best.  Do your best.  Being the best is one of our prime societal values.  But what does it mean?  Does it mean that my mom voted more times than any other person?  Does it mean that our firm does divorce differently and people have noticed?  Does it mean that I “win” the most cases?  Does it mean I am the cheapest? ***

We have a blog schedule.  As you readers know, Susan and I alternate every other week in the sharing of our stories and learnings.  I was scheduled to write on “being your best.” Last week was my week; and it was the first week since our launch that a blog wasn’t posted.  I missed it.  Not the best.

Last week I was prepared for and tried a highly complex trial with multiple issues.  Last week I reviewed new custody legislation that was introduced that would have a significant impact on Nebraska families and my job.  Last week I made a mistake and needed to take action to make amends.  Last week my Sophia was sick with the stomach flu.  Last week I did the best I could.

During divorce, being the best – at anything – can completely fall off the radar.  Forget the best, you just need to get through – right?  Well, sorta.  Rewind to the end of last week, Susan was back in the office after being gone all week and we were catching up with the business of running a law firm.  I had just recited all of those things disclosed here and I was feeling disappointed in myself for missing the blog post.  I was tired and I was stressed.  Susan asked me very simply “Did you do your best?” “Yes” I emphatically replied.  I had.

And that’s the lesson here.  The best is relative.  It is subjective.  Be mindful of when your version of “best” is comparison based.  What version of “the best” standard are you using these days of divorce?  Take it down a couple of notches, but do not neglect to hold yourself accountable.  When you are overwhelmed, stressed or tired – ask yourself – are you doing the best you can right now?  If the answer is “no” – look at it and self-correct.  If the answer is “yes” – then focus on the fact that despite how hard life is right now, you are actively choosing to show up and try your best.  And that’s the best.

Angela Dunne

 *** The answers to the posed questions are as follows:  1. She didn’t even vote once; 2. I hope so; 3. I wish; and 4. No.