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The Benefits of Divorce Mediation – Part II

The Benefits of Divorce Mediation – Part II

Divorce mediation is a cooperative and voluntary process for people to reach resolution of their divorce case outside of court.   

In Part I of this blog series, we discussed several benefits of divorce mediation, which include putting your children first, a quicker divorce process, a more affordable and cost-effective method of divorce, and retaining control of your divorce case.   

For couples interested in divorce mediation, there are additional benefits of this process: 

Reduces Conflict  
  • While no divorce is easy, the divorce mediation process generates much less conflict than contested litigation.  The divorce attorney-mediator is specially trained to minimize conflict between spouses during the process.  Instead, divorce mediation focuses on maintaining a respectful and atmosphere to allow couples to divorce with dignity.  This also helps spouses transition to co-parents post-divorce.  
Your Privacy is Protected 
  • Litigation discloses details on the public record regarding your finances, incomes, and details of your personal lives.  In contract, in divorce-mediation, very few documents are publicly filed.  Additionally, mediated agreements are drafted in such a way to protect your privacy.  Finally, the mediation process is entirely confidential.   
Creative, Solution-Oriented Problem Solving 
  • In divorce mediation, your attorney-mediator will help you think outside of the box to reach a negotiated agreement.  There isn’t a one-size-fits-all divorce decree and divorce mediation will help you to resolve the issues in your case with the specific facts of your case in mind. 
Less Future Disputes 
  • In most instances, parties are more satisfied with the outcome of a mediated divorce agreement vs. a litigated court order.  This helps reduce future conflicts and potential future court actions from being filed, as parties are more likely to be able to communicate and resolve future issues. 

If you are considering divorce and are interested in learning more about the mediation process, contact our team today at 402-346-1132 for more information and schedule a time to speak with Katie Vogel, our experienced divorce mediator.