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Birthday Best

Birthday Best

Koenig Dunne Omaha Divorce Lawyer 4-23-15

There I am on April 23, 1982, turning 7 years old, swirling and twirling and basking in bubbles.  Today I reach my fortieth milestone and I feel the same way about my birthday as I did back then.  I would be just as happy today swirling around in a pretty pink party dress, laughing as the bubbles popped around me.

Birthdays mean many different things for people.  Some bemoan the addition of age and sigh as they see the wrinkles appearing around the edges of their eyes.  Others enjoy the loving attention they might receive from family and friends.  And yet, there are those for whom their birthday is just simply another day without fanfare or fretting.

For me, my birthday is a day for self-celebrating and self-reflection.  I look every year and assess where I am on my life map.  I truly celebrate all of my experiences from the full year prior:  that I took time for vacation with my family, that I made bold decisions to expand our law practice, and that I adopted my kitten, Mac.  I savor it all.  I look for those areas where I can let in more joy, I see spaces that I can close to improve my energy, and I identify out-dated dreams and how to revitalize my goals. 

I have written in the past about how a birthday during a time of transition may be difficult.  It may be tinged with sadness or loneliness even.  And I repeat again this year that during our most vulnerable times, it is more important than ever to pause for self-reflection.  If you are in the midst of divorce, your birthday may be a good time to envision your future post-divorce.  What do you want your life to look like?  Is there a small action you can take today to move toward that future?

The small action I will take today that compliments the vision I have for my future is to surround myself with my family and dear friends.  I will raise a glass to the four decades I have under my belt, and I will let my dreams swirl and twirl around me like bubbles about to burst into reality.

Angela Dunne