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Cheering Section

Cheering Section

There is nothing like Husker football Saturdays in Nebraska during the fall.  Memorial Stadium becomes the third largest city in Nebraska.  Fans from all over the state don their very best red, white and black along with the occasional sprinkling of cornheads to cheer on their beloved Cornhuskers.  The energy is electric and I assure you there is no way to watch or listen to the tunnel walk without goosebumps creeping down your body. 

I have been a natural “cheerleader” my entire life.  From being one who wakes up looking for the glass half full to actually wearing a one of those pleated cheerleading skirts in high school, I am a natural enthusiast.  I thrive on positive energy.

In my role as a lawyer, I very often find myself in the role of cheerleader for my clients.  In the beginning I am there to cheer them on to find their most courageous selves as they sign the initial documents.  In the middle I am there to cheer them on to keep going as they provide yet one more piece of requested information to my office.  In the end I am there to cheer them on to fight through the fatigue and fear as we reach a final resolution.  A client just today said to me “Thank you for pushing me and getting me through this.”

When I went through my divorce, maintaining – or let’s be honest – mustering up positive energy was a daily chore.  All of my natural instincts went out the window with worry, fear and sadness being quick replacements.  I realized that I needed a cheering section.  I needed to let in the support of a supply of positivity.  It still feels foreign to me to even have to admit that now – that I couldn’t naturally be positive on my own.  That me, the person so used to cheering others on daily, needed support.

So I urge you during this time of tremendous transition to find those people in your life who fill up your section of the bleachers.  Call on them when you need an easy laugh or a companion to help you work through another to do on the divorce list.  Think outside of the box and make sure those members are people who actually lift you up.  Really evaluate how your personal interactions with people feel during this time and when you feel good, take note and keep that person more involved in your life during these months.  I assure you it will make a difference in your game and that will be something to cheer about.

Angela Dunne