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Divorce Mediation for Division of a High Net Worth or Complex Financial Estate  

Divorce Mediation for Division of a High Net Worth or Complex Financial Estate  

In Nebraska, pursuant to the Nebraska Parenting Act, parents are required to attempt mediation to agree to a Parenting Plan for their minor child(ren) in a divorce or custody action.   

So, while many people are familiar with the mediation process as it relates to children, custody, and parenting schedules, people are less familiar with the idea of divorce mediation for financial issues.  One myth about divorce mediation is that you can’t use the mediation divorce process for large or complex financial estates.  

This myth is not true.  You can mediate all of the terms of your divorce, including division of your marital estate. 

Exchange of Information: In divorce mediation, the parties openly exchange information informally, rather than going through the sometimes tedious and expensive discovery process.   

Experts: The divorce mediation process can include the use of jointly agreed upon experts to value marital assets, such as a business or real or personal property. 

Other Professionals: Depending on the complexity of the marital finances, in divorce mediation the spouses can agree to utilize CPAs, financial planners, or other experts to assist in the divorce process.   

Creative Solutions: In divorce mediation, your attorney-mediator will help you think outside of the box to reach a negotiated agreement.  There isn’t a one-size-fits-all divorce decree and divorce mediation will help you to resolve the issues in your case with the specific facts of your case in mind.  For high-net worth or complex financial estates, the ability to think creatively regarding potential solutions is invaluable. 

If you have a high net worth or complex financial estate, Contact Koenig|Dunne today to discuss whether divorce mediation is right for you.