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Flower Power

Flower Power

I was about to cut off her head when I stopped. The faded flower’s bloom had enough life left to share some wisdom before she landed in the compost pile. “Pay attention!”

I had substituted my morning meditation with time attending to my flowers. I set my intention to focus only on what was directly in front of me. No thinking about yesterday’s mistakes.  No thinking about today’s to do’s.

Simply. Stay. Present.

I am in a season where I have the undeniable privilege of enjoying many of life’s luxuries, including my very own rooftop deck with pots of flowers and time to enjoy them. Lately I’ve considered whether I was willing to allow my charmed life to be even more so.

The flowers had my answer.

All had suffered from the preceding week’s heat wave.  While the tropical hibiscus boasted a few new red blooms, the bachelor buttons were browning and everything looked a little sad.

“Get rid of that old stuff that is no longer beautiful. Clip boldly. Pull the weeds that you’ve been ignoring the past two weeks.  Make space for something else to grow.” 

One by one I watered the pots of geraniums, roses, and petunias. I did not rush as I gave them each a good soak and promised them a dose of MiracleGro soon.  

They kept talking.

“If you nourish us well and regularly we will produce for you abundantly. If you give us a little loving care we’ll give you even bigger blossoms.  And please, won’t you at least once a day spend a little time with us, looking at us, appreciating us, and perhaps saying a kind word?”

I picked yarrow and zinnias for a Monday bouquet. I gave thanks for the advice and the answers.

Drink more water. Eat more greens. Part with more stuff, and maybe even some people. Leave some space for something new and beautiful to bud.

We all have guides. Some quieter than others.  This day I listened.

Coach Koenig

Are you listening to the wisdom that surrounds you?

How might you make space for even more beauty in your life?

What attention my you give yourself to be rejuvenated?