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How to Tell if You are Headed for Divorce

How to Tell if You are Headed for Divorce

 How to Tell if You are Headed for Divorce

Celebrities have their personal lives played out in the media and because we think we know them, we think we can tell which celebrity couples are headed for divorce.  But do you know how to tell if you and your spouse may be taking that same road?  Here are some signs:

You’re unhappy a lot.  Good relationships bring happiness; bad relationships deliver the opposite.  If you or your spouse is unhappy a lot of the time — and it’s not because you hate your jobs — then you may be headed for divorce.

Your interactions are mostly negative.  All couples fight, but if you find that you and your spouse are fighting most of the time you are together, that’s a bad sign.

You avoid your spouse.  If you find yourself wanting to avoid your spouse and spend more of your down time with family and friends than with each other, you may unconsciously be building a separate life.

Your friends or family want you to get a divorce.  Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees, so if the people in your life who want what’s best for you are urging you to leave your spouse, you may want to take a longer look at your marriage.

Your gut says leave.  If you feel like your stomach is always in knots, it could be your gut instinct telling you that you are in a bad situation.  Check in with a therapist who can help you weigh the advantages and disadvantages of staying in your marriage.

Sudden behavior change.  If one of you starts spending a lot of time away from home or suddenly goes on a fitness kick, there may be another person in the picture.  Just because you’re still having sex with your spouse doesn’t mean he or she hasn’t strayed, since a new sexual partner can bring the spark back to a marriage.

Changed priorities.  Over time, our priorities can shift and what was once important to us is no longer that vital.  If one spouse is pushing for a big change — in lifestyle, religion, or even geography — without considering the impact to both spouses, this could be a sign that he or she is ready to move on.

Determining whether to end a marriage is not an easy decision, nor one to be taken lightly. Your legal team at Koenig|Dunne is here to provide you with guidance and advice regarding this difficult decision and all of the decisions that you will face throughout the divorce process.

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  1. The dissolution of my marriage is a really stressful and highly emotional event for me. And I really needed help to hire an attorney for my divorce process. Thank you for sharing these helpful tips.

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