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Kittens and Connections

Kittens and Connections

Moonbeam and her sister Daisy Mae were born halfway through the second year of the pandemic. Darling fawn-colored kittens, they came from a cage with their sibs to a two-story home in which to race, romp, and rest. 

They spend their days enjoying the back yard bird show from their respective chairs in the sunroom and in watchful waiting for one of us to walk through the door with the promise of supper. Evenings invariably involve one or both of them helping to complete the daily crossword puzzle while perched on legs outstretched on the recliner. 

Sometime between lights out and morning light, I feel the gentle pressure of tiny paws atop the winter comforter making their way across my body. When on my back, my belly becomes the cat bed. When on my side, there’s a stealth slide to the space in between the two sleepers on the bed where one or both of the sisters will burrow into the wedge of warmth. Despite having a dozen rooms at their disposal, their preferred place is near others. 

When a quiet purr warms my lap and my heart, I am reminded that among our deepest human longings are to be loved and to belong.  Loved by a pet, a partner, a neighbor, or a child. Belong to a family, a friend group, a workplace, or a community.  

When we can’t go out because of COVID or the cold, it calls for love and belonging by being close to whoever is near. 

Coach Koenig 

Has your circle of love or belonging expanded or contracted? 

Are you getting close to others in a way that warms your heart? 

Where do you find your place of comfort? 

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  1. Just a WONderfully written piece!

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