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Nebraska Love

Nebraska Love

I’m glad John isn’t alive to see this. Devastation in three-fourths of our state’s 93 counties.  Three people killed.  Entire towns underwater. Breached levies and flooding rivers mix to form toxic pools.

They say the damage in Nebraska is well over a billion dollars. That doesn’t begin to measure the loss.

John loved Mother Earth.  He prohibited all poisons in his garden. A genuine tree hugger, this six foot three man tenderly cared for the tiniest green blades poking out of spring soil. He taught school children how to compost with little red worms. He was a member of the Arbor Day Foundation, a donor to the National Conservancy, and a supporter of the Sierra Club. 

Though outwardly always cheerful, John was prone to melancholy. I have no doubt that this disaster which has destroyed trees, the land, and our water would have driven him to into depression. The hardest hurt is the loss of what you love most.  

We all have something we love. Those of us who love our dog cannot bear to look at photos of drowned calves. Those of us who grew up in small towns cannot remove the image of century old buildings with water up to the rooftops.  Those of us who are human are filled with compassion with each tragic story told.

And those of us who are spared are grateful.

These disasters don’t seem to stop coming. Hurricanes, droughts, wildfires and floods feel like every day news. For the most part, in the past the most I have done is an occasional check or send up a good thought to any powers who might be listening.

Now I watch people showing their love. People working without sleep to fill sandbags and make sandwiches. People diving into icy waters to save a herd of 200 goats. People taking in a family found homeless in a matter of minutes.

The hurt will be a long time healing; for many a lifetime.  For those of us spared and grateful, it is a time for showing our love for what we have not yet lost. While we still have it. 

John left this earth he treasured years ago. I am here. I’m grateful to be able to show my love for what I love most, which is the spirit of the people of Nebraska.

Coach Koenig

  • What do you love most?
  • What are you grateful for in this moment?
  • How will you show your love today?

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