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Living Will

A living will (sometimes referred to as an advanced directive) provides detailed instructions to family members and health care providers about medical treatment and care that you wish to receive if you are unable to communicate your wishes or make decisions for yourself.

A living will provides clarity to family members and your health care power of attorney regarding your preferences for end of life decisions.

In particular, a living will addresses your preferences regarding the use of life-sustaining medical treatment in the event of a terminal condition or persistent vegetative state.

By working with our estate planning attorneys to plan ahead about the type of medical care you wish to receive, you’ll avoid potentially unnecessary suffering and relieve your caregivers and healthcare decision-maker of the burden of making extremely difficult decisions during a time of crisis or grief.

A living will isn’t necessary just for older adults.  Unexpected end-of-life situations can happen at any age, so Koenig│Dunne recommends that all adults have a living will prepared. Contact our office to schedule a consultation with an attorney to discuss your options.