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Seeing Your Season

Seeing Your Season

I lay under my quilt the morning after a return from a long weekend at the beach. The comforting sound of the rain excuses me from rushing to the responsibilities of the day. I listen to the morning weather report with my eyes closed. “Light snow falling in the metro area” gets me on my feet and to the window.  Welcome to day one of spring.

A start of a spring grounds me in the reality that nothing is permanent. Despite the mix of rain and snow on this day, I am reminded all winters end and it’s time to wake up and take notice that something different is about to happen.  It is a signal to set new intentions, as I am no longer in the time or place that I once was.

All things become lighter in spring. The sky with its longer days. My coats going from black wool to pink silk. The heavy comforter on my bed being replaced by the white summer spread.

The first pokes of the daffodil leaves declare that their cheerfully yellow faces will soon greet me when I walk out my door. The pigeon faithfully protecting her precious tiny egg announces a new arrival is coming soon.

Spring brings both clearing and cleaning – the ice scraper, winter boots, and the last vestiges of Christmas baubles that have stuck around.  Of the dust under my bed, the piles of papers from my taxes, and the dirt on the windows.

The start of this season brings memories of those gone by. Of gardens planted. Of love fallen into. Of glorious days of recognizing the winter was finally gone for good. Despite arriving year after year, no two are every exactly the same.

As I wait for the opening of the blossoms on the red bud tree, I pledge to be present to the tiny signs that I am never stuck in any season forever. I look for the robin. The grape hyacinth. My lilac bush that will soon reward me glorious gifts without my having to do a thing.

As I let go of seasons gone by and hold onto the anticipation of good awaiting me, I give thanks for the sweet hope of spring.

Coach Koenig

What can be cleared away from a season gone by?

What are you willing to allow to be lighter?

What might you feel hopeful about?