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September’s Season

September’s Season

9/8   Dad’s birthday. He would have turned 101 but he died at 64, the age I am now

9/11 A shared memory of tragedy for our entire county

9/14 Death of my husband John

9/20 Birth of my first child

September is always big for me, from being sworn in as a member of the bar to becoming a certified life coach. 

September also brings my favorite season. It’s a reminder of back to school, the place of positive childhood attention.  The fields of the Midwestern countryside and the turning leaves on the oaks wear the warm tones of golds and browns I look best in. Even the little things feel bigger, as each rose picked becomes more precious knowing the end of their days looms.

With this month comes FWOF–the First Weekend of Fall—a treasured tradition of women toting vegan salads, choices of chili, red wine and red Twizzlers. We gather at my friend Gretchen’s lovely lake home. We start with hours of catching up on each other’s lives as we sit under umbrellas watching the sun sparkling on the water.

When the stars come out, we head for the circle of chairs on the beach.  We stare intently at the fire as we reveal our heartbreaks and hopes, our most painful betrayals, our most deeply held beliefs. Generous pauses of thoughtful listening enfold us.

The following morning we wrap ourselves in blankets and head to the porch, our cups of coffee steaming. A quiet knowing of our shared humanness fills the air.

Births, deaths, weddings, divorces, children, grandchildren, promotions, demotions, creations, depressions.  This September just started, and already one friend welcomed a new grandchild while another buried her mother.

This year there will be no FWOF with an overnight at the lake.  But I will remember that we all have our Septembers. Some bitter. Some sweet.

I intend to savor each day of this one.

Coach Koenig

Are there seasons that particularly touch your heart?

Is there something for you to grieve or celebrate right now?

What will you savor in the month ahead?