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Starting Small

Starting Small

I once denied that I was ambitious. It sounded so mean. Like I would do anything to get what I wanted.

Truth be told, I am ambitious. I love accomplishment. While some groan when the new year talk turns to goals, I light up. Give me a great idea and I’ll turn it into a goal before you can say “It was just an idea.” 

Goals ensure I focus on what matters to me.  Building a law firm, writing books, biking across Iowa. As a coach I am thrilled to help people reach goals. Goals have always inspired me. But this year is different.

This year I’ve been slow to put my goals in writing.  I have ideas, but few are specific or have dates for completion.  My usual zest for audacious goals escapes me.

It’s the mourning.  It devours my energy. I sleep more. I think and move more slowly.

It’s the unfinished business—countless tasks deferred as I sought holiday joy with the children. It’s the absence of my best goal buddy, my husband.  This year is different.

So I follow classic coaching wisdom. Start by doing those unfinished tasks to end the energy leaks. Make the goal smaller. Let in support.

This year I will put less on my plate, not more.  One by one I will clean up my little messes growing in the corners of my life. I will keep my unkept promises made with such good intention. Without my travel companion of 20 years, I’ll visit old friends who will fill the void.  I’ll say yes to my friends’ offer to help repaint John’s office to make it my own. And instead of a book, I’ll write my next blog.   

If you find your energy for 2012 goal setting less than robust, I invite you to take some small actions to clean up anything that is draining your energy, set more attainable goals, and plan now how to allow others to support you.

This year is different, and it’s all good.

Coach Koenig